Scheduled Classes

Information on our classes...

Schedule and fees for a One Day license prep class

Class Start: promptly at 8:30am (for Technician), 8:00am (for General). Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and get settled.

We take a short break roughly every hour and about an hour break for lunch.  You can bring a lunch to eat there or pop out to get something.  

Class Fee: The class is FREE of charge.

Exam: immediately follows class, and lasts until about 7:00pm.

Exam Fee: usually FREE of charge (and never more than $15).

Tentative/Future Classes 

If you couldn’t make previous classes (or they were full) don’t despair!

We have several planned dates not yet firm or open for registration.

Once we get a building and VE team confirmed, we’ll post here.

If you’d like an email when these prospective classes firm up and open for registration, request the “notify email” list for future announcements.

We’re always looking for groups to host a class. If you have a number of people in your group that want to get licensed, contact us.  For more details, look at this page.

Technician: 07-Apr-2018, Location TBD

General: 28-Apr-2018, (upgrade from Technician) Location TBD

Technician: 02-Jun-2018, Location TBD

Technician: 07-Jul-2018, Santee Area

Extra: 18-Aug and 25-Aug-2018, (upgrade from General)

Those Dates Still Don’t Work For You?

If you can’t make the dates above, and are interested in email for future classes, you can ask to be added to one of our “notify” lists.

We have lists to notify when we announce newly available classes for Technician, General, Extra, and Any class of amateur license.

Note: each list is “county wide”; please do not ask to be notified for classes in a given area (e.g., east county, north county, etc)

Announcements for Technician:  Request Tech announcements

Announcements for General:  Request General announcements

Announcements for Extra:  Request Extra announcements

Announcements for Any and All:  Request all announcements

Other Classes in the Area

From time to time other groups and/or instructors let me know that they’re having a class. At this time, I know of no others.

Previous Class Statistics.

To see how we’ve done over time, look at this page

Testing on Your Own (without taking a class)

You don’t need to take a class to take the Amateur Radio License examination.  You can always study on your own and sign up for a regular exam session.  Virtually every Saturday morning (and several evenings each month) there are sessions held somewhere in San Diego County. Each session is led by a Volunteer Examiner organization.  To find times and places which work best for you, visit the the exam sites for SANDARC (most Saturdays) and ARRL. (Both web sites also have lists of local clubs.) 

Other VEC’s also offer exams in the evening. Write for details.

General Information first...

Amateur Radio License Levels

There are three levels of Amateur Radio License.

Technician - entry level (requires FCC Registration Number (FRN))

General - upgrade from Technician (requires Technician license)

Extra - upgrade from General (requires General license)

Eligibility Registration in Advance via email is Required

There is no age limit (contact us for teen and pre-teen considerations).

To be eligible to attend, you must use email, follow emailed registration instructions, and have the ability to receive attachments.

We must be in direct email contact with each prospective attendee.

Sorry: We cannot accept “proxy” registrations for your friends or family.

Tip: the fastest way to start registering someone is to CC them on your request email so we have their direct email address. They will need to reply per instructions.  (We can make an exception for pre-teens who do not yet have their own email and allow their parents to register them.)

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow email instructions properly and in a reasonably timely manner, does not show up on the day of a class for which they’ve registered, or is abusive, combative, disrespectful, etc in their email communications.

Scheduled Classes (open for registration)

Register Well In Advance! Classes often fill 2-3 weeks before class.

Use the registration instruction links below to start your registration. 

You will complete your registration by replying per emailed instructions.

Note: If a “Request” link below doesn’t work on your computer,

you can send email to:

  Please include the class date and area in the subject of your email. 

For example: “”04-Feb Poway”

Here are the firm class dates we have open for registration:

We get behind in email from time to time. 

Please be patient and wait 3-7 days before resending your request.

03-Feb-2018 Rancho Bernardo area - entry level class.

     Hours: 08:15am (sharp) to about 7:00pm

This class is currently full and has a waiting list.

      send Email to request waiting list instructions

03-Mar-2018 San Marcos area - entry level class.

     Hours: 08:15am (sharp) to about 7:00pm

      send Email to request registration instructions


Preparing for Your Class

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